Reina Sinni Jewelry Collection Trunk Show

    "The sky's everchanging kaleidoscope, the blue ocean hues and the pink sand of Palm Beach are the constant source of inspiration to Reina Sinni.​
    Since the 1960's, she has been soaking up the architecture, magnificent gardens and mythical Vias that define this town. 
    An abstract painter with a devotion to a water colored palette. Her designs are a juxtaposition of yummy colors and shapes mixed with whimsical imagination. True one of a kind signature pieces made from precious and semiprecious stones collected from all over the world. Her blended colors swirl with unusual style to enhance each women's color palette. 
    ​Reina believes in custom pieces that integrate family heirlooms and treasures...the necklace collection is aimed to empower those women who wear them and invite their freedom to express themselves.
    ​A collection to admire - piece by piece - and to hand down to generations."

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