Meredith Frederick Design

Introducing: Meredith Frederick, Creator of Meredith Frederick Design
"Predicting people's tastes" says Meredith Frederick, is a natural gift she has been cultivating since very early in her adult career. She is shy, sensitive and artistic. She has spent considerable time fine-tuning her intuition.  
"You have to think about what people are looking at" according to the designer.  Meredith talked with me recently about the importance of what we see on our screens and on the streets and on our plates.  "Just think about food" she said. What is in demand on today's menu? It is a marked contrast to what was popular ten or twenty years ago. Clothes and accessories (jewelry), are constantly evolving as well. 
Meredith's easy to wear roll-on bracelets made with pearl, 14k gold, and semi-precious beads are woven in many patterns.
Meredith's studio is in Brooklyn where the bracelets are either made by the artist herself or by one of a handful of bead weavers. They have all been rigorously trained by Meredith in the ancient beading technique she embraces. There is always something new in Meredith's design variations as well as in her use of color. Fresh water pearls, and 14k beads are the grounding for most bracelet designs. Both are used together with semi-precious stones such as onyx, lapis, labradorite, garnet, topaz, turquoise, rose quartz, coral and carnelian. The patterns change to provide a variety of combinations that can be worn alone or in multiples. The Spring 2021 Collection is being presented in the shop and on our webstore this month.