Why Our Favorite Kinross Coat Should Be Yours Too!

 Why the Kincross Coat is our favorite coat: A hybrid between a sweater and a coat, this piece will complete an outfit or keep you warm on the run. 
Exquisitely crafted from soft fibers, this double-faced coat is timeless, yet modern. As soon as you put it on you will know what we are talking about! 



Why we love Kinross: Some brands simply align with Mildred Hoit philosophies. In a world full of fleeting trends and poor-quality fabrics, we search for well-constructed garments that add sophistication, practicality and fun to any ensemble. 



Kinross Cashmere is passionate about creating original products that are inspired by nature, are modern in design, and are hand-crafted to endure. 



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  • Joanne Rosenbloom

    Do you have any of the Kinross sweater coats at this time and which colors will you be getting for the fall?

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