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For centuries, Italians have dazzled with their design ingenuity and genius. Leaders in culinary expertise, architecture, art and fashion (to name a few), the Italians have a track record of  “good taste”.
The Italians always seem to reinvent classic ideas – for instance, the sweater. Knitwear has a long and illustrious history in Italy, where some of the most beloved designs and techniques originated. In recent decades, Italian craftsmanship has been challenged to refine even further and incorporate new materials. One such technique is the intricate weaving of tiny palettes, or sequins, in Italian knitwear. Brunello Cucinelli took the fashion world by storm with his seemingly simple designs made with the most luxurious yarn interlaced with subtle sparkly details.
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Today, Italian knitwear is perhaps more important than ever in a world of fast fashion. At Mildred Hoit we celebrate Italian craftsmanship and always have collections to celebrate the country’s rich heritage. Shop our collection of Italian sequin sweaters today!

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