History of the White Blouse

History of the White Blouse


What is so special about a simple button-down white shirt? Why is it considered a staple for any fashionable women's wardrobe? Isn't it just a plain and boring white shirt? The history of the white blouse is one that is very interesting and rich. Keep on reading to learn why you must have a good quality white shirt in your closet.


History of the white blouse

     The white shirt is a piece of clothing that is attached with more critical moments in culture, history, and film than any other clothing item. But as glamorous as the white blouse might have become, it has a much darker past attached to it than you might imagine.

     The first recorded and significant moment in history when the white shirt made its debut is back in the 18th century. It appeared in a portrait of Marie Antoinette. It was in 1783, and it caused quite a stir. Vigee-Leburn painted the infamous painting at the time. The scandal it caused was that it showed a royal in a much more casual setting. There was no "over the top" jewelry shown in the painting. And the subject of the painting was also posed in a very relaxed and laid-back manner. The dress she was wearing was far from the norm for royals at the time. You have to understand that a plain white dress was the equivalent of undergarments at the time. The other royals were in an uproar over the decision of the queen to be depicted in such a lowly way.


     There was another important factor here. The dress that Marie Antionette wore in the portrait was made out of Cotton. At that time, Cotton was not thought to be fit for a queen since it was very inexpensive and usually the fabric of choice for peasants. It was a very significant moment in the history of clothing as this choice that the queen made at the time gave a massive boost to the cotton industry. As the demand increased since Cotton was relatively inexpensive and the fashion statement that the queen made birthed the desire for cotton clothes in everyone's heart. Some credit the birth of slavery to this simple and bold fashion choice made by the queen. Slaves were brought over from Africa to work on cotton plantations. And the demand only grew over the years, which meant that more labor was always needed. It is hard to imagine that something so frivolous could have sparked such a huge industry and the institution of slavery that would last for centuries. In more recent times, influential figures like Ava Gardner, Kathrine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall made the white blouse stage a comeback when they favored wearing it in movies and in their real life. The later generation of fashion designers preferred this trend of the white blouse, and it was featured heavily in collections by industry leaders such as Calvin KLein and Coco Channel.


Benefits of having a white blouse in your closet

     There is a conversation to be had about why you must have a good quality white blouse in your closet. A white blouse has simply become iconic over the years. Celebrities and politicians have worn it, and anyone in the position of power for decades now. Plus, it looks great. So, here are some of the advantages that having a white blouse offers you:


1- Clean and crisp look

     Suppose you are ever confused about what you should wear to an event or a party. In that case, going for your trusted white blouse is a safe option. It gives you a crisp and clean look that works for all occasions. It brings attention to your personality instead of what you are wearing. It is an excellent choice if you are going somewhere where you will have to interact with a lot of people. It is perfect for any office event and works great for a dinner party as well.


2- Works for anyone

There are certain styles and colors that we believe aren't for you. These colors just don't suit you? Well, a white blouse is almost universal. It suits people of all personalities and styles. If you like a more understated look, then a white blouse is the perfect piece of clothing for you. If you like to make a statement with your fashion sense, then pairing a white blouse with a statement piece will also work perfectly.


3- It goes with all colors

A white blouse is a perfect companion for all your other clothes. Not only does it go well with all colors, but you can also create almost any color combination that you want. You can go for classics like red and white, or black and white. If you are feeling bold, then you can also experiment and go for a color combination that you would not normally wear, like a yellow or green. The beauty of a white blouse is that it goes well with nearly every color.


4- Make your accessories pop

If you are someone who loves their accessories and like to make a statement or express yourself through them, then a white blouse can act as the perfect canvas that would allow you to do so. You can wear big, bold pieces like a beautiful elaborate necklace or colorful earrings with a white blouse, and they would become even more prominent and pronounced. A white blouse allows you to show off your style through your accessories like no other color can.


5- Match it with a print

 If you are looking for a unique look that will make you the center of attention at any event, then pairing a printed trouser or pants that have a print is an excellent way of doing this. Since white is a neutral color, it allows the print to stand out and take center stage. If you are looking to make a statement and express your sense of style, then this is something that you should consider.


All of the above-mentioned reasons make a white blouse an essential item that every woman should have in their wardrobe. It is versatile, stylish, and classy.


Some great white blouses

If you are looking for a white blouse to add to your wardrobe, then here are some great choices that you might want to consider:


Mildred Hoit showcases a white blouse for women

1- FOXCROFT LILY SOLID BLOUSE - If you don’t want to go for anything over the top and just want a white blouse that you can lean on in times of need, then this is the perfect choice for you. It has a great fit and comes with a shaped collar. It has shell buttons and bust darts. It would fit in with the other clothes in your wardrobe perfectly.


2-  FOXCROFT SOLID CONVERTIBLE COLLAR PINPOINT BLOUSE - This is more of a style piece. It is a white blouse with a little bit more of a personality to it. If you want something that you can wear to events, then this is a great choice. It is made from 100% cotton, which makes it very comfortable. It has a more tailored fit which means that it will complement the shape of your body.


3- WALKER SHIRRED WAIST BLOUSE - This is the white blouse for a woman who is not afraid to express her style. This unique styled white blouse is perfect to wear to a formal event as well as a dinner party. It is sure to grab the attention of everyone and make you the center of attention.


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