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The Mildred Hoit Everyday Tee

Why is it so hard sometimes to find the most basic wardrobe staples? Often the simplest garments are also the most obscure. At Mildred Hoit, we love listening to our clients, and because of that, we take their suggestions and go out into the world to find what they asked for. In recent years, an easy-fitting, high quality cotton tee shirt has been requested time and time again. But what to do?

Eventually, we decided to produce them ourselves. Now, we are a generational store comprised of a team of ladies with many talents, but traditionally we purchase designs by existing manufacturers, and leaving the logistics that accompany to the designers. However, we had so many requests that we decided to go for it and try something new!

First, we came up with the initial concept – a three quarter sleeve tee shirt with a high crew neck that was long enough to wear with pull-on pants. The fabric needed to be mostly cotton and soft to the touch. It also needed to be thick enough to hide those pesky lumps and bumps, and appear a bit more elegant. Lastly, we wanted small slits on each side the top to elevate the tee shirt and have it appear slightly more elegant. After all, the best tee shirts are the ones which can be worn casually, or can be dressed up with a fabulous piece of jewelry or a shawl!

Once the vision was formed, we needed to find a company that could produce for us. It was important that we have them made in the USA. Eventually we found a tee shirt company based in California, and a wonderful collaboration was born!

 Facts about the Mildred Hoit Everyday Tee:

  • Available in 20 colors
  • 98% cotton, 2% elastic (for that extra little stretch, and helps retain the shirt’s shape)
  • Available in sizes XS-XXL
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA

In addition to the Mildred Hoit Everyday Tee, we also produced a cotton poncho in the same fabric and colors to coordinate with the tee. Wearing both in a matching color is a super chic way to wear a “set” but in a casual fabric. The ponchos themselves are also great layering pieces to be worn over virtually anything. It is rare to find a cotton poncho, so we love the uniqueness of this slightly more casual garment. 

Lastly, both the Mildred Hoit Everyday Tee and poncho are priced at $95, which makes these pieces the perfect gift as well as wardrobe builder. We are thrilled to be able to provide this for our beloved clients – it is always a thrill when we are able to find what is requested. We are excited for you to stop by and try these the next time you are in Palm Beach, or order them online! As always, we are here to answer your questions and assist in any way. We hope you enjoyed reading about the Mildred Hoit Everyday Tee!

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