Clara Williams Jewelry

Clara Williams Jewelry

     Mildred Hoit is proud to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary with the Clara Williams Company! Over the last two decades, our clients have fallen in love with the beauty, versatility, and uniqueness of Clara Williams Jewelry. There is something for every taste in this vast line of magnetic jewelry. 

Who is Clara Williams?

     Clara is an exceptionally talented MBA graduate from Harvard. She has combined her fascination with metalsmithing and love of beautiful jewelry into an incredible business. The Clara Williams Company is headquartered in Chicago, IL where the entire line is designed and produced. She is a dear personal friend of the Mildred Hoit team. Our owner, Mary Gushée, began offering this jewelry line at Mildred Hoit twenty years ago. Our clients responded very strongly two decades ago and keep coming back for more!

What Makes Clara Williams Jewelry Different?

1. The Best Materials

         Clara takes great pride in all of the pieces in her line and uses only the finest materials. Every gemstone, pearl, and metal that is used is carefully selected in order to offer her customers the supreme quality. In her travels, Clara sources unique materials and designs to bring back home to her clients. During one such trip, she brought back gorgeous pieces from India to offer as part of her line. 

    2. Stunning Designs

         The Baroque Pearl, Shagreen, and Italian Glass Intaglio centerpieces are some of the best-selling pieces here in Palm Beach. Each season our fabulous buyer, Molly, selects several one-of-a-kind pieces that can only be found at our shop in Florida. If you would like to be notified when those pieces arrive, please be send Sarah a message here and she will add you to our V.I.P email list. Our email customers are always the first to be notified when new pieces become available.

    3. Worth the Price

         Clara Williams has the highest standards of quality for her pieces. Her ultimate goal is to offer a product that will last for years to come. She uses the highest quality of pearls, gemstones, and magnets. Each clasp contains an industrial strength magnet to ensure a strong hold. You can wear each piece with confidence knowing it will be secure all day long. Clara uses carefully sourced materials to ensure the life of these pieces. 

    4. Signature Magnetic Clasp

         The line is all based on a system of magnets. For instance, every necklace can be worn by itself or enhanced with a centerpiece. If you are brand new to this line, it is so easy to get started! We recommend selecting a necklace or two and a few centerpieces to begin. As time goes on, you can easily purchase a new piece and continue to build your own personalized collection. When you begin with a gold, pearl, or silver necklace, you can add a centerpiece with a bright pop of color, or select a neutral design to make a subtle statement. In addition to adding a centerpiece, you can also add tassels and tags to your look. For any necklace that has multiple strands, you can open the necklace and wear it as one long necklace. Add your favorite centerpiece and tassel and voila! The end result is a beautiful look that reflects and enhances your style. Her signature magnetic clasp is the key to the collection’s versatility, allowing the wearer to interchange necklaces and centerpieces with ease. The seamless nature of the clasp along with the hundreds of options on the line allow for an endless parade of combinations.

    Why Mildred Hoit?

         Clara Williams is a well-renowned and beloved line of jewelry. We are proud to carry this line because we are committed to offering our clients the best products that are available. In fact, we are the inaugural store to have carried Clara Williams Jewelry. Twenty years ago, our owner Mary Gushee believed in the idea of the versatility of magnetic jewelry and chose to add it to her collection. To this day, our clients keep coming back for more! We invite you to our new arrivals as we often receive one of a kind pieces Mildred Hoit's collection of Clara Williams Jewelry because we have all the variety you could possibly want! From necklaces, bracelets, tassels, and tags to even centerpieces- we have it all!

    Discover our Favorites

    Some of our favorites from the collection include:

    Clara Williams Classic Pearl Necklace available at Mildred Hoit.



    Clara Williams Hot Pink Stingray Link Centerpiece available at Mildred Hoit.

    Clara Williams Tibetan Treasures Turquoise and Sterling Silver

    • The Clara Williams Gold Coast Rhodium Bracelet is yet another unique design from the Clara Williams Jewelry collection at Mildred Hoit! It is unmatched in terms of finesse. It is rhodium-plated and features magnetic clasps for easy handling. It comes as a standard 7.5-inch bracelet and can be paired with your other jewelry, but can still make a statement very well on its own!

    If you are looking for Clara Williams Jewelry, look no further than Mildred Hoit! Click here to shop all of your favorite pieces while stock lasts!

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